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||Aug 2011||''Aphelenchoides fragariae''||[[http://www.australasianplantpathologysociety.org.au/Publications/POTM/Aug11%20POTM.pdf|pdf]] 319 kb||


Australasian Association of Nematologists

Nematode Pests of the Month

Since February 2007, Australasian Plant Pathology Society have issued fact sheets in a series called Pathogen-Pest of the Month.

AAN members and others have contributed the following sheets on nematodes:

Aug 2011

Aphelenchoides fragariae

pdf 319 kb

Mar 2011

Ditylenchus dipsaci

pdf 184 kb

Jun 2010

Radopholus nativus in wheat, barley and other field crops

pdf 141 kb

Jul 2009

Meloidogyne, Helicotylenchus, Radopholus and Pratylenchus sp. in banana

pdf 193 kb

Jan 2009

Globodera rostochiensis in potato

pdf 246 kb

Apr 2008

Heterodera carotae in cultivated and wild carrots

pdf 188 kb

May 2007

Meloidogyne fallax in various host

pdf 184 kb

Sep 2008

Ditylenchus destructor in potato and other hosts

pdf 188 kb


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